What is a modern government agency?

For local and regional government agencies, technology can help you “do more with less” in the face of today’s economic challenges.

Modernizing your IT can help you be more efficient, resilient, and better able to drive economic growth. And solutions from Microsoft can help you modernize your agency with a complete, flexible, and trusted platform that spans the entire IT ecosystem—from server to cloud and desktop to mobile devices.


What keeps you up at night?


Your path to modern

Microsoft solutions help empower local and regional governments by making technology a driver of innovative, effective governance. Choose your own path to modern with solutions that help you address the needs of your communities—whether by improving accountability, increasing access to services, or forging deeper connections between public officials and the citizens they serve.

Microsoft and its ecosystem of partner experts offer something different—a unique approach to making the benefits of modern technology a reality for agencies of all sizes.

Choose your own path to modern with solutions for improving the efficiency, accessibility, and security of your services.



Are you a modern government agency? Chart your own path to modern with solutions from Microsoft designed to address your needs.


8 ways you can use technology to drive effective governance

Adapt to change Get the most out
of your technology
Get your work done anywhere Work together
Use a platform that’s built on software you already know, so change doesn’t have to come with a huge amount of additional training for your workers. Microsoft offers government agencies a range of solutions that help you reduce costs, maximize IT investments, and get the most out of PCs and devices used by your workers. From PC to laptop to tablet to phone, your workers can get to the files and applications they need to do their jobs and be productive—wherever they are. Whether collaborating on important documents, meeting with your teams, or connecting with citizens, Microsoft offers a consistent, trusted platform.
Protect and control your data Be prepared for the unexpected Understand community needs Engage your citizens
Balance the benefits of a mobile workforce with the security protocols needed to safely access and protect agency data. Have the peace of mind that your citizens can reach both you and their essential services, even if the unexpected happens. Easily use your data to understand the needs specific to each segment of the population, and determine if you are serving each of them well. Build and maintain citizen relationships by engaging them with the help of the familiar tools you already use.

How Factor Sigma can help

We’re there to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started in realizing the benefits of the modern local and regional government agency with solutions from Microsoft.

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