A Short History.

The history of Factor Sigma is multicultural as is our team.
Mexico City – 2011: : the first ideas and structure were carefully planned.
Germany – 2014: the final preparations for establishment of the company
Greece – 2014: the foundation stone is cemented for the base in Greece.

Factor Sigma is made up of our CEO’s 17 years experience working with OEMs all around the world and the best practices in those countries, combined with the vision for continuous IT innovation by our CBDO.

The S in “Sigma” stands for Strategy, Services, Software, Security and Solutions. Essential agents for any company, efficient process, business intelligence and strategic connections.

Our Mission
High quality.
Low cost.
Rapid development.
Improve communication.
Improve flow of tasks.
Accurate diagnosis.
Increasing employee productivity.
Reducing costs.
Increasing quality.
Our Strengths
Unique support.
Highly qualified staff.
Highly experienced.
Multi-expertise solutions.
Multilingual, Multicultural.
Strategy thinking.
Wide range technologies.
Vertical market specialists.
Business reliability.
Our Basis
Microsoft Server
Microsoft SQL Server
C# | .Net | PHP
Office 365 | Sharepoint
Microsoft Dynamics
Wordpress | DNN | Magento | Drupal

Our Partners.

World-class technology vendors to offer you best-of-breed solutions in each field and cross-technology expertise.

Our Team.

Composed of professionals from different backgrounds and different profiles, the Factor Sigma Team is closely connected to technical universities and industries in Europe and America.

Our team, besides being a lover of technology, specializes in several areas and is on top of trends and developments in the market, making us able to meet the demands of our customers in broad and innovative ways, delivering world-class products in several areas of the company.